2021 National Classical Education Symposium

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2021 National Classical Education Symposium

Arizona State University’s BEUS Center for Law and Society
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A gathering of public (charter), private, and homeschool educators in a virtual setting, the 2021 Symposium is designed to enrich our understanding of the classical, liberal arts in both the theoretical and practical dimensions of curriculum and pedagogy. Conversations will range over the Great Books, classical pedagogy, and the coordination of efforts between K-12 and post-secondary institutions, as they seek to shape and influence K-12 education in America.



Beginning with curated presentations from select scholars and practitioners, we provide school leaders and master teachers with some of the best thought on the subjects under consideration.



By its very nature, classical education is character education—arguably the best model of character education on the market, integrating character and virtue at the very heart of its curriculum, pedagogy, and culture.



We provide the forum for discussions of how to revitalize teaching as the modeling of exemplary content and exceptional character.



We explore common readings from the treasure trove of classical pedagogues, those master teachers from the past who have left us principled guidance on the nature of educating the next generation.



We present school leaders and master teachers with some of the best scholarship on the subjects being taught in classical schools, with an eye on effective K-12 instruction.



We invite classical educators from around the country—public, private, and home schools—to participate in the Symposium, as we strive to promote effective pedagogy, wherever we find it.

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2021 Symposium

Teaching the Scientific Project: Investigation, Experimentation, and Shared Enterprise

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