3 days / 30+ speakers
20+ seminars, workshops, and panels
National Classical Education Symposium

Arizona State University’s BEUS Center for Law and Society
March 2-4, 2020


Beginning on Monday afternoon and concluding Wednesday afternoon, this year’s program includes a bevy of scholars and practitioners, whose commitment to teaching history encompasses thoughtful analysis, masterful story-telling, and a genuine concern for K-12 education in the classical spirit.

Please join us on Monday, March 2nd for our Reception at 7:00pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Tuesday and Wednesday for our attendees.



4:30-8:00PM – Registration, keynote address, and reception (food and drink)


8:00AM-4:30PM – Keynote lectures, scholarly panels, workshops, and seminars

7:00PM – Special performance


8:00AM-4:30PM – Keynote lecture, scholarly panels, workshops, and seminars



Keynote speakers, Susan Wise Bauer and Wilfred McClay, are both published historians and first-rate stylists, as evidenced by their best-selling books and their continued prominence in national media outlets. In a series of talks, Bauer and McClay will lead us through the nature and development of history (i.e., historiography), while considering the characteristics of effective history teaching.

Over the course of three days, we will also offer a series of workshops by master practitioners and teacher training programs, including Ashbrook Center, Bill of Rights Institute, Cana Academy, and others. Alongside seminars on primary texts, several panels of scholars will provide reflections and suggestions on the teaching of history, as well as the historical influences on other disciplines.
• “Teaching Antiquity with Imagination and Style”
• “The Historical Development of Essential Modern Ideas”
• “The Origins and Outlook of the Social Sciences”
• “Sources and Resources for Teaching American History”
• “Teaching Medieval and Renaissance Moments with Panache”
• “Surveying the Arts in Light of History”

More than 20 scholars from a dozen institutions of higher education and several national scholarly organizations will be represented at this year’s Symposium (see “Speakers” page), comprising the largest such gathering of scholars and K-12 classical practitioners in the country.

In addition, a host of policy makers, think tanks, philanthropists, and publishers will contribute to the forum, as we aim to increase the visibility and viability of K-12 classical education across the nation.

Opportunities to network and share resources with other participants will be readily available, with assistance from a forthcoming “Symposium app” designed to connect registrants at the touch of a screen.

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