3 days / 30+ speakers
20+ seminars, workshops, and panels
National Classical Education Symposium

Arizona State University’s BEUS Center for Law and Society
February 25-27, 2019
Associate Professor, University of Dallas

Gregory Roper

Gregory Roper is the author of “The Writer’s Workshop: Imitating Your Way to Better Writing“, used by graduate students, creative writers, homeschoolers, and Classical schools to help writers improve by imitating the great writers of the past, from Cicero to Aquinas to Dickens to Joyce. He is working on a companion book, this time on Argumentation using the ancient and oft-forgotten method of Stasis Theory, and a new book showing the emptiness of much of progressive education and making the case anew for classical liberal education. He has taught workshops on literature, rhetoric, writing, and the teaching of argument in classical schools from California to Texas. A medievalist, he has published on Chaucer and the Gawain-poet, and had a recent article on The Nun’s Priest Tale translated into Spanish. Upcoming projects include work on friendship in classical education and how the liberal arts need the manual, creative arts like woodworking.

Recent Academic Articles

“Philip Neri (1515-1585 CE) at the Catacombs of S. Sebastiano, the Chiesa di San Girolamo della Carita, the Basilica di San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, and the Chiesa Nuova.” People and Places of the Roman Past: An Educated Traveler’s Guide. Ed. Peter Hatlie. ARC Humanities Press, 2018.

“Reverencia Irreverente : Una Aproximacion a La Cultura Occidental a Través del Cuento ‘El Capellan De Monjas’ de Chaucer.” (Irreverent Reverence: An Approach to Western Culture Through Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale). Estudios 116 (Primavera 2016), 113-128. Translation into Spanish by Carlos Gutierrez Lozano.

“From Nothing to Being: Medieval Lyric and Poetic Form as Entelechy.” The Prospect of Lyric. Ed. Bainard Cowan. Dallas: Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture Press, 2012, 77-94.